Book of Mormon Review

Book of Mormon Review


On Friday night, I went and saw The Book of Mormon for the first time! This smash hit has been out for six years and is still killing it! When I first walked into the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles, everyone looked at my sister and I like we were too young to be there.....or that my parents were insane. I am thirteen-years-old and my sister is ten. We have been brought up to love and appreciate the arts. We had been listening to the Book of Mormon since it first came out, even if we didn't understand it. I had learned to know and love the original voices of the cast and appreciated Andrew Rannells' and Josh Gad's incredible acting skills. Just thinking about the revival of the well-known hit scared me. What if they aren't as good? I had read some great reviews online about the traveling cast prior and got super excited to experience the show for myself. I just have to say how Incredible this show was! After listening to it for 6 years, it met my expectations and every need! The traveling cast is just as good! 

In this particular show, Elder Price was played by the one and only Gabe Gibbs. Gibbs has an incredible vocal range and an unforgettable smile. He made the audience empathize with the character and feel for him when he was sent to Uganda, Africa. His determination and sacrifices he makes for his religion are both hilarious and moving. He did an incredible job, and I can't wait to see him in more plays to come!

Elder Cunningham was played by Conner Peirson who was perfectly modeled after Josh Gad's performance. He hit all of the notes and slayed the song "Man-up." Elder Cunningham is a hard character to play because of his low self-esteem but colorful personality. Peirson found a perfect balance for his character and showed his dedication on stage. He really was the profit. 

Overall, the cast was absolutely incredible. I believe that anyone and everyone should see it. Disclaimer, if you have strong religious beliefs this show might not be the show for you. The cast doesn't make fun of the religion, but there are some controversial songs so you should listen to it before you buy tickets. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt after! :)


This is a very controversial topic. Different parents have different views about what they want their kids to see or hear. I ALWAYS suggest that everyone listens to the musical several times before buying tickets. Believe it or not, some people buy tickets without even knowing what they are seeing. I know right? I was surprised too! If you and your family have listened to the soundtrack, and you are fine with the content, then I think you should take everyone! There is nothing inappropriate in the show that isn't on the soundtrack. If you read other reviews, people will say that you shouldn't take kids. I think that as long as you and your family are comfortable, you can do whatever you want. Keep in mind that my ten-year-old sister saw the show and she thought it was hilarious.


No. It doesn't. Everything in this show is accurate to what the Mormon religion is about. They include true facts about the religion and turn it into a story. The show definitely exaggerates different characteristics of the religion, but nothing that would be unreasonable. If you are extremely religious, then I don't think this show is for you. Everything depends on your personal beliefs. I say that the show doesn't make fun of religion, but to someone else, it might. To put the show in perspective, the actual Mormon religion sponsors the show and has an ad in the Playbill. If this show feels out of your comfort zone, don't go. 

I hope you go see the show and enjoy it as much as I did! You can download the soundtrack in iTunes or on Spotify. Once again, the cast did an incredible job and I think I will go see it again:)

Love you lots!

Hazel Holmes (13)

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