Red Carpet Ready

Red Carpet Ready

Hey Loves! It's Hazel and this week I wanted to give you some insight on how to be red carpet ready. For the last three weeks, I have been preparing for my first red carpet. Of course, I am not famous. I am helping host the event with a wonderful organization called In a Perfect World. Make sure to check them out. They do incredible work for our world and inspire others to make a difference. 

I wanted to share my tips on how to look your best for any event. These were the steps I took to get "Red Carpet" ready. Whether you are going to a Christmas party or a concert, these tips will work for everyone and anyone. I hope you enjoy!

1. Pick Your Outfit


The dress I bought: Alfani

This is by far the most important thing. If you don't have your outfit, what are you going to plan your hair and makeup around? Make sure you understand what the other people attending the event are going to wear. You don't want to be overdressed and definitely not underdressed. I also suggest to always bring a friend shopping with you. Having a second opinion is always a great idea. I ended up buying a gorgeous Alfani dress. It was a perfect afternoon party dress. 

2. Skin Care. 


Andalou- Night Cream  

Skin Script- Raspberry Cleanser

Botanics- Clay Mask

Skin Script- SPF 30

Clean and Clear- Pimple Cream

This is definitely more of a long-term goal. Before you have this party or event, start working on clearing your skin or maintaining it. This is crucial if you are going to have your picture taken. If this is an evening party, this is especially for you. If it is dark, there will be flash photography. Having glowy and beautiful skin should be a daily goal anyway, so this step shouldn't be too difficult.

On the other hand, some people are clueless about the products they should use. Well, I have your back! I recommend using all of the products above. My skin is sometimes dry and sometimes oily. You need to do research on what type of skin you have and what products work. 

3. Get your nails done


Avatar Nails

This is a step you should take a day or two before an important event. If you don't do your nails, that is totally fine! This is just a step I take to look my best. For those that paint your nails, make sure to consider the color of your outfit or dress. If you are wearing a bold dress, tone down the nails. For instance, I wore a bright gold dress. I decided to go the nude nail route. Once again, consult a friend or parent on what color suits you. Afterall, this will tie together your outfit. 

4. Hair



I usually don't go to hair salons, but this was a special occasion. My sister and I booked appointments at Dry Bar for the morning of the event. It was super easy and they did an incredible job! My sister was wearing a simple navy blue dress so she went for a fancier hairstyle. Drybar is great because they have about six hairstyles to choose between. It makes the decision a lot easier. For me, I went for a simple blowout with a little bend, for volume. If you don't want to go to a hair salon, that is totally fine! Research fun hairstyles that you can do yourself. I love looking at Pinterest for fun and easy styles. Most of the time I just end up straightening my own hair at home. Either way, hair is important to your overall look.  

5. Makeup 


If you wear makeup, you understand how fun it is to go all out for an event. I had so much fun wearing gold shimmer and mastering my cat eye. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest researching what kind of eye to do. I used the Toofaced Chocolate Bar and the Anastasia Modern Rennisance pallets for my eyes. I then used the Kat Von D liner in "Trooper" to create my cat eye. If you want a full run-down of all of my favorite makeup products, then DM me on Instagram. You can follow me @hazelsholmes. You're welcome! :)

6. Rock Your Look!


....Or take a million photos for Instagram. Feel yourself and be comfortable in your own skin! Afterall, you're gorgeous. :)

I love you and I hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter! Have an incredible weekend!

Hazel Holmes (13)


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