Feeling Inspired Playlist

This is my second playlist I created to inspire! This week I want everyone to feel like a BAWSE and dominate their school/work environment. My goal with this playlist is to ensure that you feel inspired and ready to do anything. Click if you want to feel energized! Enjoy!

Cozy Fall Playlist

This is the start of my new series! I am going to post a new playlist every week! This is my Cozy Fall playlist. Please follow my social media accounts so you can suggest content for future playlists. 

Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

Are you looking for the best new TV show to watch? Well, these shows might be perfect for you. Whenever I can't decide on the next show to watch, I usually look at blogs and social media platforms to see what's trending. I decided to narrow it down to my personal favorites....

Book of Mormon Review

The Book of Mormon is an incredible show that is on tour at this very moment! They just passed through Los Angeles and were something incredible! If you are looking for a funny and entertaining show, this could be the one for you.